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Catch T-Mobile @ re:Invent!

By: Nicholas Criss


T-Mobile is transforming wireless, and the public cloud is a key enabler of that transformation. This week, technologists from around the world are gathering in Las Vegas for re:Invent, a conference for Amazon Web Services and the public cloud.

As one of the largest tech events of the year, it’s a great venue for the Un-carrier to showcase the innovative development work we are doing. Here are the great stories being presented by T-Mobilers this week–be sure to check out the webcasts!

Monday 11:30a-12:30p PST (60 min)
BAP202: Amazon Connect Delivers Personalized Customer Experiences for Your Cloud-Based Contact Center

Tamara Jensen from the Call Center team will describe how, starting several weeks before the iPhone 8 launch and going through to iPhone 10, AWS Connect was able to offload over 40,000 calls a day, freeing-up critical capacity for upgrades. The speed at which this proof-of-concept moved to production perfectly illustrates power of the public cloud.

Tuesday 12:15p-1:15p PST and 5:30p-6:30p PST (60 min)
GPSTEC303: GPS: Blockchain and the Road to Innovation

Due to high demand, a second session was added! Chris Spanton from the Cloud Center of Excellence will present HyperDirectory, a proof-of-concept directory service built on blockchain. Using smart contracts to codify the rules for role-based access control (RBAC), HyperDirectory provides both a highly-compliant source of truth for RBAC and a perfect record of all previous states and approvals via the append-only ledger. Integrating-with and built-using Jazz, our serverless development platform, this is a great showcase for our first open source project!

Thursday 2:30p-2:45p PST (15 min)
DEM61: Enabling Digital Transformation on AWS for T-Mobile, While Maintaining Security and Compliance

Nicholas Criss from the Cloud Center of Excellence will demo PacMan, T-Mobile’s solution for continuous compliance via policy-as-code. The demo will include reporting via Amazon Alexa, leveraging the video capabilities of the Echo Show.

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