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T-Mobile embraces open source

By: Nicholas Criss


As the Un-carrier, T-Mobile is transforming wireless. Technology and software development play a key role in enabling that transformation.

We work every day on technology to make systems more robust while enabling faster delivery at reduced cost–all so we can provide more value to our customers!

Today we are making available as open source, both large and small projects that contribute to that effort:

Jazz is being developed by T-Mobile’s Cloud Center of Excellence to make it easier to develop, deploy and operate solutions, shifting workloads from VMs and IaaS to serverless and container platforms.

Keybiner is a lightweight library and data format that simplifies handling entitlements.

As users of open source, we’ve seen first-hand the value the community brings in accelerating innovation. Now with these first projects, we look to start on another journey of transformation: from technology consumers to producers.

We are excited to engage the tech community, share ideas and solve problems big and small together. And it’s no secret that, with this initiative, we hope to recruit talented developers who are as passionate about building great software as we are.

Find out more and connect with us at:

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