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T-Mobile Technology Innovation on Display at AWS re:Invent

By: Warren McNeel


For over four years, T-Mobile has been on a journey to transform the wireless industry. We call this our Un-carrier revolution. For as many years, we’ve also been on a journey with the public cloud. It has been a key enabler of innovation. As we’ve gained experience, our solutions have matured, and so has our understanding of our role in T-Mobile and the greater technology community.

In those four years, we’ve had four generations of cloud architectures, and we don’t expect the pace of innovation to slow down anytime soon. As we build our latest generation of solutions based on containers and serverless, we now look to be producers of cutting-edge technology rather than simply consumers. We also seek to codify our hard won experience into platforms, so that many applications can benefit.

Recently, we announced our first open source project called Jazz, a platform for building serverless applications. This week at re:Invent, we are sharing more of the innovative work we are doing, including our next open source project. Called Hyper Directory, it is a proof-of-concept for an access management solution built on blockchain—and Jazz!

We are a large company disrupting our industry like a startup. Our transformational journey gives us a unique perspective that we’d like to share with you. We still have enterprise problems to solve, but given our new perspective we are solving these problems quicker, cheaper, and more open than we have in the past.

As we venture on this exciting new phase of our own journey, we look forward to collaborating with like-minded individuals and organizations through open source. It’s an exciting time to be a technologist, and we invite you to join the fun

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