By: T-Mobile

March 11, 2019
Reliable, maintainable test automation, delivered by anyone. Continuous Delivery drives towards faster time to market which in turns demands new code to be tested and verified at high speed. For many years, QA and development teams have leveraged test automation tools to allow more tests to be run in a shorter amount of time. However, some teams may not have enough runway to build test automation “SDET” skillsets to meet demanding release timeline.
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January 01, 0001
Kubernetes (R) has become the Container orchestration platform of choice–but launching and configuring a Production grade Kubernetes Cluster is a lot of work. Conducktor-Go simplifies launching native Kubernetes Clusters on AWS (R) using Terraform (TM), Ansible (R), and Python Scripts. It also provides a rich, turn-key telemetry solution with pre-configured Grafana(R) dashboards and Prometheus(R) as data source. Conducktor-GO also configures Nginx(R), Docker(R) CE, Weave Net (CNI), Kube2IAM, Kubernetes 2.0 Dashboard, Kube-State-Metrics, and Metrics Server to provide a Production ready Kubernetes Cluster to deploy your services.
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