By: T-Mobile

May 28, 2020
T-Mobile runs Pivotal Cloud Foundry platform at a very large scale (≈100K application instances!), with a wide range of applications from across the organization spanning finance, payments, retail, and customer care. Monitoring such a large-scale Cloud Foundry environment is super challenging, yet mission-critical, for running the business operations seamlessly. We need to not only monitor important platform KPIs, but also the most frequently exercised workflows involving critical platform components and services.
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May 24, 2018
In this post, I will walk through how we use geo distance search queries with Elasticsearch to provide “find a store” experience within our mobile application. Currently, the microservice that powers this experience in our mobile app is developed using Vert.x which is a Java based framework that is quite commonly used for developing microservices. We recently ported this service to a serverless application and decided to develop in golang.
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