By: T-Mobile

November 14, 2018
Following last week’s efforts highlighted in our previous ‘PR of the Week’ post, I decided to select NEXT PR #347. Pull request 347, titled ‘Inbound filters operating for AAD’, is a direct downstream step in creating the Azure and Active Directory Integration Engine. At the end of the hackathon hosted by Microsoft at the Microsoft Reactor in Seattle, we had two different providers capable of ingesting and loading data into the Rethink DB.
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October 29, 2018
Recently, I had a chance to review NEXT PR #305. This was a fun one, as it came while the NEXT team was on the Microsoft Reactor campus in Seattle’s South Lake Union neighborhood, collaborating in a code-with style hackathon, to develop some of the Azure and Active Directory Integration Engine components. The Microsoft Reactors (there’s also one in San Francisco) definitely fit the mold of TV-style hip innovative office space.
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November 27, 2017
With the hype surrounding blockchain rapidly approaching fever-pitch, both businesses and consumers around the world are on high alert. We don’t need to point to the next big Initial Coin Offering (ICO) to prove that point - with Bitcoin trading at over $8,000 and players like IBM, Microsoft, Amazon, and Intel investing significant resources into their blockchain positions, we can be confident that innovation is on the horizon. As a Senior Architect in T-Mobile’s Cloud Center of Excellence (CCOE), I have the unique opportunity to represent our efforts working with this exciting technology.
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